Excavation– the first bit of action on your new site! Preparing the site with diggers/bobcats for the foundations to come.
Floor pour– a chance to see the ‘footprint’ your new home will make!
Frames/Trusses– an exciting time as you can begin to visualise the spaces of your house.
Roof– closing in the structure. Time for your choice of roofing materials and colours to be on display.
Windows– your house is coming to life and starting to look like a home. You will now be able to see the views and angles you will enjoy from inside your home very soon.
Plumbing pipe out/Electrical pre-wire– this is where you can start to visualise how you will live and move in your home- where appliances and furniture will go to make the most of your plumbing and electrical choices.
Bricklaying/Cladding-a big milestone! The last piece of your exterior coming together.
Gib/Gib stopping/Doors– areas become more apparent as you see the spaces defined by the walls and doors and can begin to imagine the flow of your home.
Painting– all those tricky decisions over palettes and shades pay off today! Your interior walls and doors will be adorned with your beautiful colour choices giving a taste of your interior style to follow!
Kitchen install– a very momentous step as the heart of your home comes to life.
Tiling– the icing on the cake- giving that extra touch of personality to your bathroom, laundry and kitchen.
Plumbing fit off/Electrical fit off– action day! Getting everything ready to go for that first time you boil the jug and run that bath!
Floor coverings– luxury beneath your feet appears! The final touch to your interior design.
Driveway pour- the final path to your new home is completed.

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